About Us

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It’s All About Love!

Well…love…working your butt off…and discovering your full potential.  We love you enough to help you be the best human being you can be. Love is fun, positive, cool, peaceful; it’s about laughing and fellowship…all things that embody the Urban Vybe Vibe. We are here to support you, to guide you, to lift you up, and to take care of you along your soul’s journey…and our soul’s journey.  You are part of a family here…a loud, fun, crazy, laugh-out-loud family that works hard together and challenges and inspires each other, and the best part is that you are FREE to be you! So, open up your heart and be brave, because we are raising our VYBE-ration one amazing class at a time, and we are doing this together to bring love and light into the world.

Spread Good Vybes!!!

Jo & Stacy