Transform 4

September 23-October 21

*Orientation 9/23 at 11:15 am

UVB Transform 4 is a four week challenge designed to get you back on track and to help you achieve your body transformational goals. Developed and lead by our Certified Nutritional Coach, T4 will give you all the tools you need including our T4 Nutritional 101 course, nutritional cleanse, food preparation, proportion guide, grocery list, workouts, weigh-ins, exclusive group trainings, and personal coaching. In just 4 weeks you will see the changes in your body, your mindset, and in your life!

The four week challenge begins on Sunday morning with your first weekly measure and weigh in, nutrition course, T4 outline and instructions, and juice pick up to start our three day group juice cleanse (with food added). The cleanse releases the body of toxins, clears the body of potential allergies or food intolerances, jump starts weight loss, and puts you in the mindset for achieving your goals. To help you stay motivated, you can opt in on the group chat forum to hear how others are doing and feeling. We will keep using this forum to communicate for the remainder of the challenge for daily support and to answer any questions that arise.

After the three day cleanse, you will receive detailed instructions including your workout schedule and specific meals you will be consuming each day. Every detail is completely mapped out for you, no second guessing! Each Saturday, we will have a mandatory weigh in & measure, nutritional information for the week, and private community workout for our challenge members. In the group discussion, our Certified Nutritional Coach is there to answer any questions and to help you in any areas that you need. On the last Saturday, we will have our final measure and weigh in, and you will be able to see the results of all your hard work and dedication!!

During the Transform 4 Challenge you will be required to:

1. Prepare and eat only meals and snacks outlined in the Transform 4 booklet.

2. Log mandatory workouts.

3. Attend the Saturday weigh-ins.

If you travel during the Challenge, you are still required to stick with your meal plan and workout regime. If you miss a Saturday weigh-in, you will be required to schedule and come to the studio for a make-up weigh-in the closest date to the Saturday missed. 

Cost per participant-$199.00

Repeat Transformer’s (Participated in T4 before)- $99.00 

*Includes juice recipes, instruction, custom workout plans + a 4-week Premier Membership (Valued at $199.00)

Get started on your fitness and health goals, and get ready to see results in just 4 weeks!

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